Easter: The Morning After.

  My first Easter in ministry: I’m exhausted. The whole weekend is so beautiful. Good Friday and the solemn, heavy remembrance, the pain it causes, the quietness of death. We wait, we rest, and then we celebrate. I never want to forget this first Easter weekend as a real-deal worship leader. I never want to […]

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The Executive Order.

Friday, January 27th, 2017. President Donald Trump signed an executive order placing a temporary ban on seven countries that prevent immigrants from entering the United States. People are losing their minds over this. People are absolutely against it – people are frustrated, people are relieved, people are confused, people are upset. And EVERYONE feels like […]

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On marriage, pt. I

It’s been a hot seven months since Zach and I vowed all the vows and danced the dances and celebrated THE best day with our best people. Seven months isn’t long, but I want to pen all of my feelings about the day (that I have right now) and what has happened since then. Let […]

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New Year, Same Me

January is almost over but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking up ways to push myself to grow this year.  I’m fairly against resolutions but all about goals, because goals require habits to achieve them. So here are the goals I’m hoping to knock out this year. 1. Get in shape. Nothing crazy – […]

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Giving in. Moving up.

Here’s the thing: I had to reset my password three times in order to open this blog back up. I’ve struggled with the idea of blogging. Mostly because I’m acquainted with too many people who are constantly updating and then sharing. I don’t even plan on intentionally sharing this but I’m sure it’ll come up […]

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For a long time it felt as if I was coasting. Like, this whole semester. Coasting on getting by, on doing what I want when I want, on being consistently inconsistent. But that’s different now. It’s crazy how humbling it is to talk about what’s eating you up with other people. It’s even crazier how […]

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To my siblings.

To the first people I learned how to be friends with: I am so extremely proud of you. I don’t think I say it enough.  You are turning into such incredible people.  You’re all remarkably talented, way more than I am and probably ever will be.  You have such magnetic personalities and people of all […]

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