On Sisterhood.


1. the relationship between sisters.
2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.

There are a bunch of cheesy quotes I’ve seen about how best friends are the sisters you pick for yourself.  I think that there is only a twinge of truth in that because you often get to pick to make your sister your best friend eventually.

I’ve been so blessed throughout my entire life to have friends that act as sisters – both older and younger – to push me to become a better woman.  While there are definitely girls who have faded in and out of my life, each one has definitely played a big part in shaping me, no matter how long or short their presence in my life was/is.

While it’s not uncommon to have a sister for your best friend, I think there is a difference that happens when your best friend becomes your sister.  I have one biological sister and countless adoptive sisters.  I currently attend school with several of these sisters and live with five of them.  In my whole life, however, I’ve never experienced such a strong bond with five other girls that truly embody what it means to be a sister, even more so a sister in Christ.

So you think you’re ready to declare your best friend a sister?  Here’s are a few reasons that might help you be able to tell that she’s ready to receive that title.

1.  There’s no limit about what you can talk about.
While there are often things you don’t discuss with any old friend, literally anything is on the table for you and your chosen sister.  Periods?  That’s normal girl stuff.  Synced up periods and horrible symptoms in detail?  Sister stuff.  Cute boys?  That’s normal.  Why boys are super cute but also super clueless?  Sister stuff.  While it may initially be uncomfortable to talk about at first, you eventually find refuge in this girl who totally understands (or will be honest when she doesn’t) everything you’re saying.

2.  You can ugly cry together.
I vividly remember one moment where my (biological younger) sister Selah and I bonded more than we had ever bonded before, and it was during My Sister’s Keeper.  Awful movie to watch with your sister.  We were literally sobbing, snot running out of our noses, with no more tissues to use.  I recently had a moment like that with my roommate, Paige.  While we weren’t watching any sort of sad movie, we were just straight pissed at the world.  Our apartment (and our room specifically) has become one of the safest places for both of us to say literally anything and feel whatever the heck we want.  We ugly cried that day as we struggled with the rest of the world, feeling much better after.  A sister is someone who has seen you with snot running out of your nose and heard your mid-cry hiccups.  A best friend…is probably close.

3.  Your significant others are beginning to understand that your relationship is TIGHT.
So, everyone in my apartment is dating someone now.  It’s a pretty common thing at our school (holla at your private, liberal arts universities).  And let me tell you, when someone’s relationship is even just slightly off, we all can sense it.  And the boyfriends?  Well, they’re pretty well aware at this point that if ANYTHING happens to our sister, something bad will happen to them.  If they choose to hang out in our living room, they understand that there are things that may be heard (or seen) that are not worth questioning and they need to leave it alone.  It’s a respect and trust thing and they know that they will be talked about the instant they exit our apartment.

4. You’re synced up.
It happens.  It really does.  And the first women you usually sync up with before you live with other women are your mother and sister.  So when you start to live with other girls that aren’t even remotely related to you by blood…you sync up and it’s weird but also awesome because there’s usually double the chocolate around.

5.  You plan out roles for them in your wedding.
Girls really do this.  It’s a thing.

6.  You know you’re a better person because of her presence in your life.
As previously stated, there have been sister figures in my life for both long and short periods of time.  But I know for sure that I’m much better because of each of them.  They’re the women I’m going to tell my future daughter about, and the type of friends I pray for her to have.  Sisterhood is a really beautiful thing and any women that I have been blessed enough to call a sister is a gem.


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