On Cuffing Season.

I’ve been on Thanksgiving break for all of two days.

Guess how many friends of mine have become engaged in that time frame?

Two.  (Or I guess four?  If you count the fiancée’s?)

My boyfriend and I have been together for ~3 years come April.  And while I’m absolutely thrilled for these friends (and honestly, all of my other friends who now have rings or have given rings in the past month or so because there are a bunch of them), it’s getting harder and harder to not become antsy to up our relationship to the next level.

When I’m 100% honest with myself, I know that we aren’t ready for that right now.  We have a year and a half of school left and are just now slowly getting to where we know what we want to do with our futures.  There are a lot of variables but we’re at the point where we know that we want each other.  I have no doubt in my heart and mind after the year we’ve had that he is the one whom my soul loves.  He makes me better in all the ways you can pray that someone can make you better.  He enriches my life beyond what I could communicate.  In fact when I told him how all of the exciting news made me feel, he so wisely said, “Soon.”


There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.

(Ecclesiastes 3:1)

There’s an opportune time for EVERYTHING.  And especially for us.

I would like to blame the little hints of jealousy I feel on the fact that I’m a girl.  But the reality of it is that I can control that.  I can be content.  I can wait and I will wait for God to reveal His perfect timing for me and Z to get engaged and eventually married (and eventually have children and buy a home and all of that stuff that happens in married life).  The Lord has been nothing short of faithful to Zach and myself in our relationship thus far and I know and confidently hold on the fact that He will continue to be so.

There’s so much good in this season we’re in.  There’s so much to enjoy right now and to not stress about.  So I need to be content, and I need to be present.


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