To my siblings.

To the first people I learned how to be friends with:

I am so extremely proud of you.

I don’t think I say it enough.  You are turning into such incredible people.  You’re all remarkably talented, way more than I am and probably ever will be.  You have such magnetic personalities and people of all ages, not just your peers, want to be friends with you.  You draw people in by being yourselves because you’re confident in who you are.  You are the best examples to me of what it means to be yourself.  And even when it’s difficult, hold true to who you are.  Because you know who you are.

You are my best friends.

Do you know how weird it is to other people that we’re best friends?  Not just like, “Oh, they were homeschooled like the Duggar’s,” weird, but like, “Wow, you really talk to your siblings that much?” weird.  People don’t get it.  They don’t get that we’ve spent so much time together growing through difficulties for us.  We moved across the country together, experienced different countries and new places, constantly learning from Mom and Dad.  They don’t understand that being homeschooled bonded us like nothing else could and they don’t see why we should continue to stay close.  It’s weird to them.  But it’s actually awesome.  Because you’re the ones that get me best, the ones who no time ever passes between because we’re blood.  We didn’t get to pick each other, but I would have picked every one of you.

I adore each of you.

You are so artsy, and funny, and quick witted.  You’re so much more intelligent than the people you’re friends with.  You are beyond charismatic and your hearts are probably literally made of gold.  You make me so proud every day and I’m seriously grateful to call you my siblings.  People wish they were as cool as us.  I thank the good Lord above for who you are to me and that I get to watch you grow and change into bigger humans who are definitely going to change the world that you end up in.

I love you guys.


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