New Year, Same Me

January is almost over but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking up ways to push myself to grow this year.  I’m fairly against resolutions but all about goals, because goals require habits to achieve them. So here are the goals I’m hoping to knock out this year.

1. Get in shape.
Nothing crazy – just back to feeling good and confident about my body.

2. Read through the entire Bible.
I’ve never done this. Gonna do it.

3. Expand my Etsy shop.
Right now it’s just kind of meh. What could happen if I put in a lot more time and effort into it?! Who knows.

4. Read at least two books a month.
At least one non-fiction and one fiction. List to come.

5. Bake more.
And by “more” I mean more than once every couple of months. Making a treat to share is so easy. So once a month is my goal.

6. Find a way to give back to the community intentionally.
Volunteering, donating, whatever. Just find something and do it.

7. Decorate our home.
Paint, find decent curtains/furnishings, come up with cute and frugal ways to decorate.

8. Be more intentional about exploring and traveling with Zach.

9. Call my grandmas more.
Once every couple of weeks.

10. Spend less time on my devices.
Define their “necessity” in my life.

11. Unfollow/unfriend people who are cluttering my feed.
And throw out follows more cautiously. I don’t need to follow them if they annoy me or if I’ll make fun of whatever they post.

12. Keep figuring it out in the kitchen.
Cooking healthy meals, cooking things that keep us fed and happy, cooking fun things. Keep doin’ it.

13. Develop my identity professionally.
Establish and become solid in my job at the church and at Brick.

14. Be more gracious.
Stop and think about my reactions to things and choose to react in grace first.

There’s what I’ve got so far! I hereby hold myself accountable. Here’s to the best year yet.


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