The Executive Order.

Friday, January 27th, 2017. President Donald Trump signed an executive order placing a temporary ban on seven countries that prevent immigrants from entering the United States.

People are losing their minds over this.

People are absolutely against it – people are frustrated, people are relieved, people are confused, people are upset. And EVERYONE feels like their opinion is the right one on the internet.

I just spent some time trying to read over the text from the executive order. I could understand most of it. I don’t know that it’s something I have to agree or disagree with – I think the problem is the humanity that is forgotten in this movement. One side demeans the person who signed the order – the President. One side demeans those who are trying to enter into the country, legally or otherwise.

I genuinely don’t know what to think. I don’t have a lot of thoughts or facts or anything lined up about this yet. My heart is just very, very heavy for those whose lives are affected by this ban: parents wanting a better life for their children, people who are in danger in their war-torn homelands, people who have saved up their entire lives or have decided to leave in order to work to send money home. I’m so sad for them. Jesus had several words on the issue of welcoming strangers. I’m just going to keep looking at those to figure out what these feelings are. As someone who believes in the Bible and holds the words of Jesus as literal Gospel, I agree that this ban is potentially unbiblical. I don’t want to google the Scriptures and leave you a list of verses that should be considered. It’s just too dangerous to take things out of their original context. However, upon Google/concordance searching, there are SO MANY passages that talk about the Stranger and our treatment toward them. But there are also SO MANY passages that talk about a list of other things that we definitely don’t do – foods to eat, ways to live, ways to talk, etc. We can’t just pick and choose what we want.

I’ve seen far too many people get blasted on social media in the past two days because they’ve simply shared their opinion. The humanity and feelings of the person on the other side of the post/screen/argument are suddenly rendered invalid because we’re obsessed with being right, being heard, and being validated. It’s too much.

In the days ahead, I think it’s important that we keep listening to each other. Not just talking to or at. But earnestly listening. And then we have to remember to pray together: for the world, for those who agree, for those who disagree, for those in charge, for those who are affected by this. We have to pray. We have to act. We have to restore: restore humanity, restore relationship, restore respect.


Honestly, God bless the world and God bless America.


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