Be. Do. Go.

I just came back from Costa Rica from the trip of a life time as a participant of the fourth Third Wave conference of the Church of the Nazarene.  While many people have asked me how it was and I’ve somewhat given into, “It was SO awesome,” for an answer, one friend today asked me, […]

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Today, I finished my fifth semester of college.  I have three remaining. This semester has been the hardest three months of academia that I have ever experienced.  I’ve failed more tests than I ever have in my life.  Do you know how humbling that is?  To feel as if you’re failing the things that you […]

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On Cuffing Season.

I’ve been on Thanksgiving break for all of two days. Guess how many friends of mine have become engaged in that time frame? Two.  (Or I guess four?  If you count the fiancée’s?) My boyfriend and I have been together for ~3 years come April.  And while I’m absolutely thrilled for these friends (and honestly, […]

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On Sisterhood.

There are a bunch of cheesy quotes I’ve seen about how best friends are the sisters you pick for yourself. I think that there is only a twinge of truth in that because you often get to pick to make your sister your best friend eventually.

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